Grünerløkka Winter Lighting

Specially designed suspension system with the possibility of separate control of direct and indirect light, makes it possible to use many different moods for different events.

ABOUT: Grünerløkka today has its very own atmosphere and identity. Thoughtful lighting will strengthen this unique environment and create inviting and attractive urban spaces that make us thrive and visit Løkka again and again.

LIGHT: The concept draws inspiration from people, the colors, style, history, culture, and the area’s unique environment and roughness. When it is cold, dark and gray outside, the Grünerløkka area should be a happy place “a place to come home to”, where you feel warmth and joy, get inspiration, energy and come back to again and again. Winter lights should trigger imagination, convey history and offer experience through the area.


Løkka Gårdeierforening