Nesodden Lighting Masterplan

The lighting concept will emphasize green qualities, strengthen the city’s identity and urban development.

ABOUT: In connection with Nesodden municipality wanting to improve more areas and infrastructure in several of the municipality’s areas, Zenisk has developed a lighting plan that will be a tool to improve views, strengthen connections, provide a good overview, create environment, create meeting places, mark landmarks and improve security.


LIGHT: The light plan will help to emphasize Nesodden’s identity. It will live up to Nesodden municipality’s vision of creating a modern and environmentally conscious center in rural, green surroundings with proximity to nature.

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The lighting must have a clear hierarchy that prioritises soft road users and especially children on their way to school. In the evening, well-lit outdoor areas invite for use for physical activity and traffic. The goal is to provide an overview and tidiness in Nesodden by defining streets, clarifying city squares and creating a balance between car traffic and soft traffic edges.


Nesodden municipality