sustainability case study: Stavanger konserthus

The refurbishment of Stavanger Konserthus main hall was done 1 to 1 to reduce maintenance and energy consumption. Some areas were redesigned reducing mounting points.


ABOUT: Farten Valen hall in Stavanger Concert Hall replaced old with new with a goal of retaining original expression.

LIGHT: The lighting concept maintains the original look with modern luminaires with easy access to spare parts and future replacement. The most important measures are to preserve the hall’s historical expression, reuse existing positions and reduce power consumption. New products have a local supplier for easy access to service. All lamps have been replaced from halogen to LED.

By upgrading existing luminaires, Fartein Valen concert hall saves over 1300 kWh a week. At high electricity prices, this can mean more than NOK 3,000 a week.

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