Vollebekk Lighting Masterplan

The color concept for Vollebekk’s lighting will be shown in the central corridor. The colored screen allows everyone who walks in

the street has a clear experience of color through the street both day and night. It also serves as an element of integration of various “smart” solutions.

ABOUT: The Urban Environment Agency in Oslo municipality wanted to prepare a comprehensive concept for lighting in a central pedestrian area that is planned at Vollebekk. Vollebekk screen was designed by ZENISK in 2016 as an identity-creating lighting element for Vollebekk in Oslo.


LIGHT: Four strategies for lighting are proposed that reinforce Vollebekk’s central walkway as the main axis from the subway in the south to the park area in the north: 1. Urban corridor with color in lampshade for identity and color stimuli. 2. Activity places along the urban corridor 3. Markings at intersections. 4. Light for experience. Through the walkway, the lighting is mounted in wire stretch in the form of a specially designed “lampshade” with pigment color on the inside. The color gives the whole stretch a warm feeling and is especially visible when the light is on. The color of the inside gradually changes from red (south side) to orange (in the middle) to yellow (in the school park) and green (in the north).



The Urban Environment Agency, Oslo Municipality