All of our projects will be circular and zero CO2 by 2030 this is our pledge, and this is how we will get there

Our Manifesto

We go beyond the green-washing and the bling.

Our 4 pillars:

  • Wellbeing
  • Circularity
  • Energy Saving
  • Light pollution

SAVED - our tool to make true sustainable lighting

We could not find a suitable tool and software to be able to fully undestand the impact of some design and technical choices that are normal part of our lighting design work.

That is why we developed our own tool that helps us weigh choices, achieve true sustainable lighting solution and measure all the sustainability paremeters.

We use SAVED for all our projects

What goes on in our heads at all times...

To light, or not to light?

Is it useful? 

Is it well focused?

Is the lux level as low as it can be?

Can it be dimmed?

Is the color temperature appropriate?


Sustainability case studies


Information pack

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Hilde Sofie Olaisen
Sustainability Strategist & Lighting Designer