All of our projects will be circular and zero CO2 by 2030 this is our pledge, and this is how we will get there

Our Manifesto

We go beyond the green-washing and the bling.

Our 4 pillars:

  • Wellbeing
  • Circularity
  • Energy Saving
  • Light pollution

Our sustainable approach

Sustainable spaces

We work with architects to enhance and elevate their designs with concealed, functional and sustainable lighting solutions.

Lighting design that is well coordinated with the other disciplines leads to better designed spaces and happier users.

Sustainable neighborhoods

Sustainabile lighting applied to green/blue recreational areas, a specific street, a new built part of town.

These are the opportunities to ignite change within a municipality and urban fabric of a town.

Sustainable cities

Over the years we worked with many municipalities to achieve their visions, enhance their assets and improve residents wellbeing through sustainable lighting masterplan strategies.

Sustainability ranks high on every municipality agenda, lighting design can follow that and lead the way for other disciplines too.

What goes on in our heads at all times...

To light, or not to light?

Is it useful? 

Is it well focused?

Is the lux level as low as it can be?

Can it be dimmed?

Is the color temperature appropriate?


Sustainability case studies


Information pack

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whether you are a city, an architect, a developer or private person we would be happy to hear from you.

Hilde Sofie Olaisen
Sustainability Strategist & Lighting Designer