Wessels Square

ABOUT:  The area around Wessels Plass has a high status and a strong identity surrounded of the Storting and beautiful historic buildings. The facades are richly decorated and the buildings have great shops. Open ground floors along Akersgata draw attention. Timeless elegance in both interior and exterior are key words.   LIGHT:  The lighting enhances […]

Munch Museum

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Tana Bridge

This lighting design for the new cable bridge in Tana, Norway was completed in 2020 and has been 8 years in the making. The concept for the lighting of Tana Bridge is that it should be an attraction, reinforcing the clean design of the bridge design, providing high traffic safety, visual comfort and being reliable […]

Landmannstorget Skien

ABOUT: Landmannstorget has been transformed from a worn-out bus terminal into a lush, green park and an efficient public transport hub, where people are given priority over cars and buses. The facility has become a future-oriented and social meeting place that is adapted for everyone. A green people’s life is back where cars and buses […]

Heggedal inbyggertorg

ABOUT: Asker municipality has gathered health services, cultural hall, café and library under one roof. The idea behind the residents’ squares is that they will make it easier for residents to get in touch with the municipality and make it easier for everyone who wants to contribute to their local environment. LIGHT: The signal effect […]

St. Petri church

ABOUT: St. Petri church a well-known motif in Stavanger’s urban space, Zensik has made it possible to recognize the motif well even in the evening. The lighting of the mighty tower makes St.petri Church the landmark it deserves to be in the evening. LIGHT: The lighting concept for the facade lighting aims to emphasize architectural […]

Moss waterfalls

ABOUT: On 10 August 2020, it was 300 years since Moss received city status from Fredrik IV. In connection with the anniversary, Sparebank 1 donated lighting of Mossefossen and Mosseelva as a gift to the city.   LIGHT: The river room and the historic environment along the river in Møllebyen will be staged and made […]

Lighting strategy for Moss center

ABOUT: Moss is a city with a rich history and at the same time a city in rapid development with a new railway station that will shorten the travel time to Oslo. Through a comprehensive strategy, light will be strengthened as a tool in the urban development of Moss. LIGHT: The lighting concept “Moss from […]


Stavanger lighting plan is designed with strategies that provide concrete tools for evaluating solutions for lighting. ABOUT: Sandvika river promenade is built of wood and will be a pleasant place to stay for recreation and an attraction in the city center. LIGHT: A specially designed sparkling “lantern” that is designed in bollard height to stand […]

Stavanger Lighting Masterplan

Stavanger lighting plan is designed with strategies that provide concrete tools for evaluating solutions for lighting. ABOUT: In 2019, the municipal sub-plan for Stavanger City Center was adopted. The plan contains strategic planning measures for urban development. Stavanger municipality defined 5 goals for the city’s lighting in the future. These are: Attractive experiences Increased security […]