Downtown Stavanger

A dreamlike unexpected journey through an immersive experience of planets and stars, words and images will take the visitor to a place full of imagination, memories and magic.


ZENISK was commissioned to create a winter light installation for Sølvberget in Stavanger. The installation will contribute to a better dark time experience, it will celebrate the uniqueness of this area and be surprising, but appropriate. An important consideration was that the installation should be easy to assemble immediately and complete in phases. ZENISK has used a simple and understandable concept and theme that can be developed over several years.


“Breathe in and dream everything out again” is a concept based on the stories of Andreas Jacobsen. Luminous elements complement the general lighting, and by referring to each other, they set up the framework for the experience through the room without being obvious. By walking through 4 entrances and the main square, visitors will notice how these elements are connected, and the pieces of a subtle puzzle will begin to connect to each other.



Stavanger Sentrum AS