Lighting plan for the World Heritage Rjukan – Notodden

History has shown that most things can be accomplished with a strong pioneering spirit. The Rjukan World Heritage Site has unique value far beyond local and national borders.


Held an open and anonymous competition for lighting design. The idea competition was supported by the Housing Bank’s competence grant for sustainable housing and building quality, and a lighting professional jury assessed the submitted contributions for the industrial heritage at Rjukan together with the Norwegian Industrial Workers’ Museum. Among eight submitted entries, ZENISK walked away with the victory to illuminate the industrial heritage of Rjukan.


“Spirit of the possible”‘s approach is through two qualities: the HARD and the SOFT. The hard qualities are tangible such as nature, architecture, power station, factory facilities, industrial town (company town), transport arteries, streets. The soft qualities are the intangible ones such as the story itself, people’s lives, experiences, stories and activities. The light concept is based on this interwoven and invisible relationship between the soft and the hard qualities. With new technology and a new approach to the use of light, the conditions are right for creative and sophisticated solutions.

Universal design is used not only as a frame, but also a resource and an inspiration for the lighting concept.



The industrial heritage at Rjukan / World Heritage Center