Moss waterfalls

ABOUT: On 10 August 2020, it was 300 years since Moss received city status from Fredrik IV. In connection with the anniversary, Sparebank 1 donated lighting of Mossefossen and Mosseelva as a gift to the city.


LIGHT: The river room and the historic environment along the river in Møllebyen will be staged and made more accessible for recreation. Mossefossen’s dramatic and beautiful water flow is presented in the evening as a beautiful and exciting attraction.


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Light shows the waterfall, the river and the historical environment along the river, from the dam above Storebro and down to the new footbridge to Verket. The eel that goes up the waterfall to spawn has been taken into account. These areas are allowed to lie in the dark.

The light is dimmed late at night, and switched off at night, with adjustments to lighting conditions in the seasons.


Moss Municipality


Fovea studio