Lighting strategy for Moss center

ABOUT: Moss is a city with a rich history and at the same time a city in rapid development with a new railway station that will shorten the travel time to Oslo. Through a comprehensive strategy, light will be strengthened as a tool in the urban development of Moss.

LIGHT: The lighting concept “Moss from the inside” will strengthen the function and identity in Moss center. Identity creators such as Sentrumsaksen, Kulturkvartalet, the transverse axes towards the seafront are especially emphasized in addition to selected highlights. The purpose is to clarify axes and connections, and show the best qualities in each area. Glow from within is brought out in the warm brick colors and historic atmosphere in buildings and environments.


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Goals from Moss Sentrumsplan serve as a guideline for linking the measures to the rest of the urban development:

1 – Content Facilitate trade, culture and recreation by creating attractive environments and experiences in the dark.

2 – Quality Special “highlights” in the city center will be highlighted to strengthen the city’s identity.

3 – Accessibility Light for circulation in the city center shall prioritize walking, cycling, public transport with safety and a pleasant environment.

4 – Capacity Facilitate a sustainable approach and efficient operation with a minimum of light pollution. Reduce energy consumption with the use of light control.

Moss areas and history are displayed and experienced as atmospheric and just as beautiful in the evening, as during the day.


Moss Municipality