Stavanger lighting plan is designed with strategies that provide concrete tools for evaluating solutions for lighting.

ABOUT: Sandvika river promenade is built of wood and will be a pleasant place to stay for recreation and an attraction in the city center.

LIGHT: A specially designed sparkling “lantern” that is designed in bollard height to stand on the ground, and a suspended lantern that can be attached to the facade, on a pole or under bridges.

The shape of the lantern is inspired by the historic lanterns on the Town Hall Bridge. The experience of light is inspired by the Impressionists’ quest to capture the changing character of light.

The light sparkles with calm movement inspired by live fire. A dynamic light gives us humans stimuli

Sandvikalykta’s function is to create environment and atmosphere. The lantern helps to raise the status of the river promenade and is stylishly integrated into the landscape design.


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It is important for Bærum municipality that the lantern is beautiful and artistically designed with local roots in production and historical inspiration from Sandvika.

The collaboration with Hadeland Glassverk has been particularly important. Both for the local anchorage and to be able to create a lantern that also shines when the sun hits it.

The goal of the lantern is that it should give a special experience of sparkling candles in the evening and of luminous crystal during the day. To achieve the lighting concept’s goals and requirements for functionality, it is

thoughtful use of light intensity, light quality and lantern locations on the river promenade.

Own identity for Sandvika river promenade was achieved through the specially designed lantern with varying color temperature and light intensity, programmed in a dynamic scenario with calm movement. The varying intensity and color temperature of the light enhances the experience and preserves the area’s atmosphere. The design is timeless and constructed with solid materials. The glass that protects the crystal is made of impact-resistant safety glass.


Bærum municipality


Dronninga landskap


Structor Oslo


Haugen / Zohar Architects




Tomasz Majewski, Fovea Studio


Norwegian Lighting Prize 2020 – Best specially designed product for the project