Walking trails, Trondheim

The lighting concept – FOLLOW THE HEART – will strengthen historical identity, green qualities and urban development.


Trondheim municipality has initiated the project a Blue Thread to make the Channel and the Nidelva more accessible to the city’s citizens. The project area spans almost 5 km along the canal and the Nidelva. The navy, which is the park that connects to Nidaros Cathedral, will be adapted for use in the evening without disturbing the view of Nidaros Cathedral.



Conscious use of light should make the river room more accessible and provide increased well-being and security for the individual. Lighting should emphasize the character and uniqueness of the various places. Today the river room is dark, you want to preserve it. The darkness must be taken care of by controlling reflections to the water. At the same time, the promenade and walking path must be experienced as safe and inviting.

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