Tøyen Square

The new luminaire for Tøyen’s historic lanterns gives increased functionality, status and style to the fine lanterns. It reduces light pollution and has low power consumption.


The project integrates new lighting technology in the masts to create good light quality without light pollution with direct light directed to the ground and glow for atmosphere. At the same time, the beautiful historic luminaire and mast that are part of Tøyen Torg’s characteristic identity are retained.

The environment and the expression of the historic masts during the day have been an important factor in the project.



The lighting concept aims to create an enveloping warm atmosphere on Tøyen Torg by distributing the lighting more efficiently.

The most important step is to reuse the existing light poles in the existing position with light shining down on the floor instead of into the air. The old opal globes have been replaced with transparent glass. The light sources have warm light from LED light source with both incandescent and technical component.

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Oslo Municipality, Urban Environment Agency




Vianova, Electronova


Tomasz Majewski