Whether it is an indoor or outdoor project we work with our clients from pre concept to construction

What we do

Sustainable lighting design that strikes the perfect balance between people needs, architectural design and clients budget. 

We provide lighting design services for every type of built environments. 

Our 4 sustainability pillars are integrated in all design processes.
Sustainable services can also be applied separately.

Write to us to receive the full list of standard and sustainability services. 

What we do

Lighting Strategy and Masterplan

We delievered over 20 lighting strategies and masterplans for main cities and towns in Norway. 

Urban and Landscape Lighting​

Streets, Squares, Parks, Playgrounds.

Architectural Lighting

Hospitality, Workspaces, Schools, Hospitals, Public Buildings

Lighting for Heritage

Facades, Landmarks

Lighting for Infrastructure

Stations, Bridges, Tunnels

Luminaire design and refurbishment

Upgrading, refurbishing and refitting heritage and old street luminaires. Design of custom new luminaires.

Lighting for Exhibitions

Museums permanent and temporary collections

Winter Lighting, Event, Art

Light Art Installations, Temporary Lighting, Stage Lighting

Sustainability Lighting Tools​

See below!

Special Sustainable Services

These services are embed in all our work for all types of projects.

They can also be individually applied and used for specific situations.

Over the years we developed a set of tools, custom softwares and methods to tackle these sustainablity issues and we are now able to offer them as self-standing services too.



Social Good and Wellbeing

We design lighting schemes that make cities and buildings open, shared, inclusive, safe, resilient and healthy.

The expectation for lighting in a space today are more than calculating lux levels.

A human-centric lighting approach that accounts for social good and wellbeing is an opportunity for every space.


Our design values:

  • design towards bettering life quality
  • account for natural circadian-rythm of humans and animals
  • increase visual comfort
  • boost mood and motivation

Circularity of Lighting

The era of throwing something away just because it is cheaper than repairing it is over.

The circular economy is the most impactful way to lower carbon footprint. 

Lighting follows with a particular set of challanges that need to be understood, navigated and eventually resolved.


We work on:

  • Luminaire repair/reuse/retrofit
  • Advise on appropriate lighting business models (buy-back, LAAS)

Energy Saving

It isn’t enough anymore to use LED in order to save energy.

There is more to it, and we help our Clients navigate this complexity.


In order to save energy we work with:

  • Dimming 
  • Light points reduction
  • Control strategies
  • Control systems design and upgrades

Light Pollution

Protecting and restoring ecosystems and supporting biodiversity is crucial for reaching UN sustainability goals.

Every municipality, developer, architect and engineer must take action.


By reducing light pollution and sky glow:

  • People are going to thrive
  • Fish, insects and all other animals will be protected
  • Resources will be saved
  • Costs will be reduced and money saved

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Kristin Bredal
Founder & Creative Director