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Enhancing architecture and experiences at dark time through sustainable lighting design.

Our focus is to create increased life quality for users and added value for our clients through good visual experiences and stimulating environments.  We emphasize collaboration, creativity, meaning, simplicity, environment, trust, quality of life and the social mechanisms of people.  Our clients are architects, landscape architects, urban planners, municipalities, engineers and property developers.   In collaboration with you, we create lighting design solutions that are inclusive, open and shared by everyone. 


We work with sustainability in all its forms

Sustainability is not only a box to tick for us, but it is a core value that we implement in all project through concrete actions, a unique developed approach, refined process and method.

We pledge for all our projects to be circular and zero CO2 by 2030.
Sustainability in lighting made concrete.


Karl Johans gate 14

A historic building in the most popular street in Oslo will soon appear in a new light.


Hennes & Mauritz

Architecture: NSW Arkitekter

Developer: Veidekke

Illustrations: ZENISK

Photo: Tomasz Majewski

Category: facade

ABOUT: The new H&M flagship store will move into Karl Johans gate 14 and Zenisk has been commissioned to create a concept for facade lighting.

LIGHT: Veidekke and NSW Arkitekter are working on upgrading the fine historic building. The facade lighting will highlight the architectural qualities in a subtle way. At the same time, the lighting will highlight the new design of the tower and thus focus on the impressive building on the corner of Oslo’s most important street. Illuminated old and new elements create a holistic and elegant expression of the facade.


ABOUT: Sandvika river promenade is built of wood and will be a pleasant place to stay for recreation and an attraction in the city center.
LIGHT: A specially designed sparkling “lantern” that is designed in bollard height to stand on the ground, and a suspended lantern that can be attached to the facade, on a pole or under bridges.
The shape of the lantern is inspired by the historic lanterns on the Town Hall Bridge. The experience of light is inspired by the Impressionists’ quest to capture the changing character of light. The light sparkles with calm movement inspired by live fire. A dynamic light gives us humans stimuli Sandvikalykta’s function is to create environment and atmosphere. The lantern helps to raise the status of the river promenade and is stylishly integrated into the landscape design. It is important for Bærum municipality that the lantern is beautiful and artistically designed with local roots in production and historical inspiration from Sandvika. The collaboration with Hadeland Glassverk has been particularly important. Both for the local anchorage and to be able to create a lantern that also shines when the sun hits it. The goal of the lantern is that it should give a special experience of sparkling candles in the evening and of luminous crystal during the day. To achieve the lighting concept’s goals and requirements for functionality, it is thoughtful use of light intensity, light quality and lantern locations on the river promenade. Own identity for Sandvika river promenade was achieved through the specially designed lantern with varying color temperature and light intensity, programmed in a dynamic scenario with calm movement. The varying intensity and color temperature of the light enhances the experience and preserves the area’s atmosphere. The design is timeless and constructed with solid materials. The glass that protects the crystal is made of impact-resistant safety glass.
Oppdragsgiver: Bærum kommune

ARK: Dronninga Landskap

RI: Structor Oslo
Møblering: Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter

Foto: Tomasz Majewski, Fovea Studio

Priser: Norsk Lyspris 2020 – Beste spesialdesignet produkt til prosjekt

Stavanger City Center Lighting Masterplan

Stavanger lighting plan is designed with strategies that provide concrete tools for evaluating solutions for lighting.

ABOUT: In 2019, the municipal sub-plan for Stavanger City Center was adopted. The plan contains strategic planning measures for urban development. Stavanger municipality defined 5 goals for the city’s lighting in the future. These are:

  • Attractive experiences
  • Increased security and accessibility
  • Increased orientation in the urban landscape Smart maintenance and operation
  • Environmentally conscious solutions

Based on these criteria, Zenisk has designed a new strategic lighting plan for Stavanger city center.
The process has included extensive user participation in the form of workshops, night walks, presentations and discussions
along the way.

LIGHT: The city’s distinctive character and characters are strengthened with light through consideration of four identity markers in Stavanger. These are (1) Breiavatnet, (2) the wooden house development, (3) Hermetikkbyen which is in rapid transformation and development, and (4) Vågen with Sjøhusrekken and the seafront. All have specific characteristics with their very own radiance that can be amplified in the light concept. The concept will take care of and reinforce what is special about each place and emphasize the unique.
Client: Stavanger municipality

Category: Lighting Masterplan

Tana Bridge

‘The main principle for the lighting of Tana Bridge is that it should be an attraction, reinforcing the clean design of the bridge design, providing high traffic safety, visual comfort and being reliable in operation under the harsh, arctic climate conditions.’

The new Tana Bridge is a 200 m long new E6 bridge in Finnmark, which replaces the old bridge over the Tana river. The new bridge is a cable-stayed bridge with an asymmetrical tower and a centric cable plane. The lighting concept is based on communication. The bridge is important for the accessibility of the area and creates an important link for transportation and communication in the region. The project symbolizes progress and innovation and has a strong connection to the local culture. The objective of the lighting design is to achieve local and national pride by creating an internationally recognized landmark. Meanwhile the bridge shall communicate with traffic participants and distant observers through dynamic lighting schemes, interaction and experience.


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  • Sustainable lighting for wellbeing in architecture.
  • Sustainable outdoor spaces.
  • Lighting Masterplans in the North.
  • Temporary lighting and winter lighting in the north

Giving back 2022 Municipal libraries

From 2022 we started a program where we donate 20% of a designer time to a pro-bono cause.

This year we will be consulting and offering free services to any Municipal library in Norway that is having a hard time keeping doors open and refurbishing their spaces.
It is important the municipal libraries remain open, and many of them are struggling and reducing opening hours. They are much more than a place to borrow a book. They are meeting places for Norwegians and new Norwegians, they offer a place where to socialize, gather, organize. They are often a safe space for kids that don’t have the best living situation at their homes.

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