H&M chandelier, Oslo

AVA Eiendom has completely rehabilitated Karl Johans gate 14 for H & M’s new flagship store in Oslo. The client and tenant wanted a specially designed lighting installation in the atrium that extends 26 m in height.

ABOUT: The Gravity project shows the result of a good collaboration between lighting designer, Norwegian glassblowing tradition and an ambitious and quality-conscious client. Gravity is a decorative specially designed chandelier for H & M’s flagship store on Karl Johan in the atrium with a glass roof that extends over 7 floors.


LIGHT: The concept of “Gravity” plays on the acceleration of a falling object on the earth. The chandelier will offer visitors a sensual, quiet and beautiful atmosphere when moving through the floors. The solution plays on both the glass’s reflective and transparent quality in clear spheres without light, in addition to glow from “crackled” spheres with light.

The chandelier must be airy and open at the same time as it is experienced as a whole. The hand-blown quality of the glass is essential for the experience both in daylight and in the evening.

The good collaboration with Hadeland Glassverk, which made samples of the spheres and produced the entire chandelier, has been important for the result we wanted.


AVA Eiendom w / Arve Vannebo and Veidekke AS




Hadeland Glassverk




Aakermann Photography