Concrete Light, Slemmestad

”The light appears as an outfit, emphasising different aspects of personality, shapes and character”

ABOUT: The project ”Slemmestad 2020 – A living coastal town” is a civil/private cooperation. Slemmestad is facing an evolution, going from an industrial culture on to a cultural industry. The transformation is supposed to be knowlede-based and builds on criteria for urban development. The Factory Light Festival was created to increase the interest and conciousness of the population. The festival takes place in downtown Slemmestad, using the huge Norcem concrete factory as its backdrop.


LIGHT: ZENISK was hired in 2013 to design dynamic lighting for four of the huge cement silos. The light concept Concrete Light of course reflects the former use of the tanks. The idea is to show case the silos with strong, destinct gestures and create different expressions. Light is able to enhance, but it can also hide shapes. The light appears as an outfit, showing off different aspects of personality, shapes and character.



Factory Light Festival, Slemmestad