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Moss city center is set to replace its lighting fixtures with LEDs. At the same time, extensive urban development is underway, including the construction of a new railway and the development of several areas near the city center. In 2020, Zenisk created the Moss Lighting Plan with the concept “Moss fra innsiden” which aims to enhance the functionality and identity of Moss citycenter. There is a desire to improve conditions for public transportation, cycling, and pedestrians.




The goal of the replacement strategy was to find new LED lighting solutions while maximizing the reuse of existing lamp posts. The solution should be well integrated into the urban design and contribute to the refinement and clarification of the cityscape. The chosen solution was to refurbish the historic Noral lanterns with new Selux LED light sources. These lanterns are used in significant parts of the city center. Preserving both the luminaire and mast means safeguarding an important element that contributes to the city’s identity while also conserving material resources. 


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The Selux light source has a glowing component that gives it a historic luminaire feel. Over 90% of the light is directed downward, providing good illumination at ground level and minimizing light pollution.


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