Heggedal inbyggertorg

ABOUT: Asker municipality has gathered health services, cultural hall, café and library under one roof. The idea behind the residents’ squares is that they will make it easier for residents to get in touch with the municipality and make it easier for everyone who wants to contribute to their local environment.

LIGHT: The signal effect is that you can easily see the inhabitants’ square with a good feeling and a clear identity. The architecture invites to an experience created in 3 layers that visually enhances and explains the building.


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These are glass facades, rooms, shafts along the elevator in the building’s core.

Layer 1: Decorative lighting in windows and glass facades.

Layer 2: Shielded focusable functional lighting from rails.

Layer 3: A dynamic light installation in the core of the building that runs through 3 floors. . To emphasize special events, the installation can be programmed with color and dynamics.


Asker municipality v / Ingunn ramsfjell and Tanberg Eiendom AS


Vigsnæs + Kossberg + + Architects by Elisa Grindland


Strøm Gundersen ASIngeniør


Heiberg and Tveter




Fagerhult, Nordtronic, Luxia, Bright


Tomasz Majewski