Whether it is an indoor or outdoor project we work with our clients from pre concept to construction

Our approach

Lighting is what glues it all together for the eye, and adds spirit to the mind.

Tailor making solutions, and use our vast experience to propel forward quickly and efficiently.

Our clients are architects, landscape architects, urban planners, municipalities, engineers and property developers. 

In collaboration with them, we create lighting design solutions that are inclusive, open and shared by everyone.

Finding the perfect balance between people needs, architectural design and clients budget. 


Zenisk-lighting design services for architects

From private homes to complex infrastructure projects. We work with architects and landscape architects on any type of built environment.



Zenisk-lighting design services for architects

Planning small areas, upcoming developments or entire city masterplan strategies. Over the years we worked with many municipalities to achieve their visions, enhance their assets and improve residents wellbeing.



Zenisk-lighting design services for architects

Including lighting in the early design team to save money and headaches later. Lighting design that is well coordinated with the other disciplines leads to better designed spaces and places and happier users. It also saves budget keeping an eye on quantity, light levels and maintenance early on. Yes, and it does look better in the end.



Zenisk-lighting design services for architects

We work with electrical engineers to make the architect’s vision come through, develop concepts to follow to detail phase and quality check solutions. As lighting designers we strive liaise and solve problems on both engineers side, and architects/developer side.  



How to work with us


Show us your project, we will happily advise you what is the best way to tackle lighting and what to watch out for.
Sometimes it might happen that we will tell you that you don’t need us… and that’s ok too.


We deliver a lighting project thought for exactly your needs and that seamlessly work towards the whole design team and client vision. 
We design the lighting for any type of built environment, from concept to realization.

Long collaboration

Yearly long term collaboration: we have many long lasting relationships with some Clients and follow their lighting needs any time, for any project, on any phase.

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whether you are a city, an architect, a developer or private person we would be happy to hear from you and love to have a on-line/off-line chat about your project.

Kristin Bredal
Founder & Creative Director